Electrical Business 10x Growth in 10 Months | Case Study

How Troy Transformed His Electrical Business in 10 Months

Operating out of Jindabyne in the Snowy Mountains region of New South Wales, Troy Henham owns four enterprises: CED Sky Electrical, Snow Mountains Heating and Cooling, Gingerb Refrigeration, and Snowy Mountains Lighting.

This case study delves into the challenges he faced, the intervention by Upscale Business Coaching, and the subsequent growth and improvements in his professional and personal life.


  • 10x growth in business in just 10 months
  • Reduced work hours from 80-100 per week to 40-50 hours
  • Diversified services to become a one-stop shop for customers
  • Increased full-time staff from 5 to 20
  • Found invaluable support and friendship in upscale business coaching
Sea 2 Sky owner Troy on the phone in his office.

Watch Video: In Troy’s Own Words

Initial Challenges: Overworked and Lack of Direction

Originally motivated by a desire to enjoy snowboarding and surfing while working minimally, Troy quickly found himself trapped in a cycle of relentless hard work with little to no leisure time.

His companies demanded his attention seven days a week, leading to significant personal sacrifices, including lost relationships and a constant state of stress due to financial uncertainties and operational demands.

The Turning Point: Embracing Business Coaching

The real transformation began when Troy decided to seek external help to navigate his business’s challenges. His connection with Mitch, a relationship that began on a different platform, became the catalyst for change.

Through their discussions, Troy identified his business’s critical issues and saw the potential for growth and improvement under Mitch and Erina’s guidance.

Troy Henham - A Business Coaching Success

The Value of Coaching

Troy Henham’s journey from enduring gruelling 80-100 hour work weeks to achieving a remarkable tenfold increase in his business epitomises the transformative power of effective business coaching.

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