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Nixon Electrics: 170% Year-On-Year Growth

In the Southwest region of Western Australia, Dave Faulkner, a determined entrepreneur began his journey into the world of electrical, air conditioning, and solar services.

With a team of 29, the business aimed high but faced the common struggles that many small trades enterprises can sympathise with – Dave wore multiple hats, from technician to manager, in a relentless cycle of work and little personal time.


  • Started solo, now a team of 29, offering electrical, air conditioning, and solar services.
  • Achieving 170% year-on-year growth, setting new industry benchmarks.
  • Balancing business success with mental health and family priorities.
  • Mitch’s coaching and the transformative impact for Dave’s business.
  • From chaos to success, an example of sustainable growth.

Watch Video: In Dave’s Own Words

Seeking a Change: Embracing Coaching

Recognising the need for change, our protagonist delved into the realm of business coaching.

After exploring various options, they found Mitch, a seasoned coach, in 2021.

From the initial phone call, the connection was evident, and the promise of transformation became a reality.

The Impact of Coaching

Under Mitch’s guidance, the business underwent a remarkable evolution.

Transitioning from a solo operation to a thriving team of 29, they diversified their services to encompass electrical, air conditioning, and solar fields.

With a staggering 170% year-on-year growth, the business flourished, propelled by effective systems and exceptional staff.

The Value of Coaching

From chaos to success, Dave’s journey of growth and success is an inspiration to tradies wanting to take that next step. 

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